I totally forgot that Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome was still a thing

Hopefully the title card won't be the coolest part of the series.
Battlestar Wiki.
I blame Syfy, who unceremoniously dumped the prequel series to Ron Moore's excellent remake to the internet after the failure of the other BSG prequel (to both series), Caprica. Blood & Chrome is set during the tenth year of the First Cylon War and the main character is a young Viper pilot named William Adama (that name rings a bell) who is assigned to the Galactica. Here's to hoping that this series has a copious amount of battles and a lot less pseudo-religious mysticism.

Griping aside, the first two episodes of the ten episode series just premiered on Machinima Prime's YouTube channel and Syfy plans on airing the series as a movie next year, which means that the episodes must be super short. Awesome. Check out the first two episodes after the jump and share your thoughts in the comments.

So, good? Bad? Ugly?

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