I really need to play FreeSpace 2

Credit: Wikipedia.
FreeSpace 2 is a space combat sim where you pilot a fighter, which is like a fly next to one of the capital ships in this game. Massive is an understatement.


Have raygun, will travel

And so I created another blog. This has been digging in my head for the last few days and I figured the best way to get it out is to give it form. Rayguns and Space Suits is a blog about space, science fiction, and where we should be instead of where we are. It goes without saying that Giant-Size Nerd-Thing! is still my primary blog, but Rayguns and Space Suits will serve as a place to blog about whatever doesn't fall under the former's purview.

For the most part, this blog is the result of me seeing pictures on EXONAUTS' Tumblr of vintage and retro space and science fiction art. It, combined with recent talk of Moon bases and the Kepler Space Telescope's success at discovering new planets all inspired me and then drilled themselves firmly in my brain, so there you go.
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