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RIP Carrie Fisher

Get in nerds, we're going to run blades in 2049

RIP Firefly's Ron Glass

Boy, my science fiction reading has been lackluster this year

Rebellions are built on hope (Rogue One trailer)

Books, books, books

For those bent out of shape over Sulu being gay

RIP Anton Yelchin

Klingons are the Cobra Troopers of Star Trek

Is it obvious that I like the Honor Harrington series?

You can't get anything past Jim Kirk, no siree.

Rogue One

Current reads: Saturn Run by John Sandford and Ctein (SPOILERS, maybe)

The officer's quarters on the Constitution refit look nice

Commodore Stone from TOS "The Court Martial"

Legion of the Damned wasn't a bad book

The hops are strong in this one

I'm pretty sure it's warmer on Hoth than it is here right now

PSA: Google's giving away 2 extra gigs of storage for doing a security check on your Google account

Fortune's Pawn by Rachel Bach: An interesting premise that never gets off the ground

This is one beat to hell book

Just finished Fortune's Pawn

2015 in reading and plans for 2016

And that makes 100,000 hits

The twelve actors who might play a young Han Solo + one who should

U.S. Postal Service is releasing Star Trek stamps this year!

Like Tears in Rain: Happy Birthday, Roy Batty