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My favorite reality show

Gerry Anderson announces that he has Alzheimer's

A question of blogrolls

Anyone ever hear of this game? Orion: Combat Near the Speed of Light?

On the next How I Met Your Carnifex

Finished The Honor of the Queen

Gundam, it's a Gundam!

In which I almost stopped reading The Honor of the Queen

RIP Caroline John

xkcd's Exoplanets will make you feel small

I actually forgot that they were making an Ender's Game movie

Christ, David Weber writes brutal space battles

Things worth checking out

I've seem to have caught a meme

Sci-fi movies get a bit pulpy

Image inspiration: Jack Houston and the Necronauts

Random thought: who cleans the Enterprise?

For the Rogue Space fans

Space Suits and Combat

Oh look, a picture of the Doctor and his new companion

Of escape pods and wargaming

In which this blog wins an award

RIP Ray Bradbury, 1920-2012

The Ghost Brigades - A review

Just finished The Ghost Brigades, review coming soon

George Lucas retiring, Kathleen Kennedy taking over