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diesel sweeties - Ten Forward Thinking

Thoughts on Time of the Doctor

Hey, remember Lobot from The Empire Strikes Back?

Hopefully the space battles in Elite: Dangerous will be almost as good as the one in this trailer

Well, I almost nerd raged just now

Google has a Doctor Who doodle up on their site and it's also a browser game

The Night of the Doctor is just awesome

Because you need this in your eye holes: The Master Systems Display (MSD) for the Excelsior-class (Enterprise-B variant) from Star Trek

Finally! BBC releases a Day of the Doctor trailer!

On geek knowledge

Long lost episodes of Doctor Who found!!!!

A bit of a music interlude

Someone definitely has too much time on their hands: a chart of (almost) every starship in science fiction

I bet the United Federation of Planets never had a government shutdown

I swear to god, space battles are way more gut-wrenching in books than they are on TV and in the movies

That Day of the Doctor poster BBC released is sweeeeeeeet

Bradley Cooper to voice Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy movie

I wonder how many space STDs Bones cured Jim Kirk of?

Check out this vintage ad heralding electronic mail as the wave of the future!

The ED-209 from RoboCop and it's potential alternative uses


I didn't know it until last night, but Karen Gillan is going to be the Guardians of the Galaxy movie!

Matt Smith almost stuck around as the Doctor

Trek thought: I wonder how much paperwork the captains had?

Why the Eleventh Doctor regenerates revealed!

Given current events, all future editions of 1984 should come with a disclaimer "this is a work of fiction, not a how-to guide, you dingleberries."

Musical interlude: Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph's take on the Halo theme

Dang, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

Now this would be a Star Trek movie I'd love to see about that Doctor Who last night? I think Steven Moffat is trying to kill us Whovians. (spoilers)

With you, May the fourth be.

I'm gonna pop some Xenos, only got twenty rounds in my bolter

I am now 30. These birthdays seem to be an annual thing and I have no idea how you turn that feature off.

Thoughts for those injured and dead in Boston

I have a bad feeling about this: SyFy's going to make miniseries out of Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End and Larry Niven's Ringworld

A sad day for all: writer Iain M. Banks announces he has terminal cancer

Another trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness

Riker, the Enterprise, and why it took so long to leave

Another book haul post

Welp, so much for Google Reader.

Hit them with my sword!

Mecha Monday: What the cats have been plotting all along

This picture Neil deGrasse Tyson tweeted is relevant as crap

Descent: FreeSpace is a great game worth playing

Over 1,000 Russians injured by a meteorite!

"Hello, I'm the Doctor."

[Updated] Is Google Reader and/or Blogger messing up for anyone else?

You think your world is safe - Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl commercial

Hey look, Star Trek comics

Mecha Monday: It's a Gundam!

Mecha Monday: Robotech live-action movie

One year strong

A little Galactica reading

And the director of Star Wars Episode VII is...J.J. Abrams

Starship appreciation: the Miranda-class from Star Trek

I wouldn't mind having an E.V.A. Pod from 2001 in my room (though things would be mighty cramped)

Best bit of Wikipedia vandalism ever

This blew my goddamn mind

Well I guess we know where President Obama's loyalties really lie

An idea for space-based wargaming: the suicide run

Interesting Trek aliens: Bynars

Books read in 2012 and my recent hauls