So I bought 18 Star Wars books Saturday

The local library was having a book sale and good lord, they had a lot of SW books. I had to resist the urge to buy most of them on Friday, but I resisted because they always do a bag sale on the final day and I knew I could pick them up for dirt cheap. Come Saturday, I tossed the eighteen I wanted in a bag and along with some non-SW, I only paid three bucks for them. Not bad, not bad.

I picked up books 2-9 of the X-Wing series, so I know have the entire run except for the last book, Mercy Kill. Other finds include:

The Truce at Bakura - Kathy Tyers
The New Rebellion - Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The Courtship of Princess Leia - Dave Wolverton
The Lando Calrissian Adventures - L. Neil Smith
The Crystal Star - Vonda N. McIntyre
Tales from Jabba's Palace - Edited by Kevin J. Anderson
Assault at Selonia and Showdown at Centerpoint - Roger MacBride Allen
Shield of Lies - Michael P. Kube-McDowell

There was more, but it was just New Jedi Order and a Darth Maul novel.

Oh yeah, expect a lot of Star Wars posts, since I'm getting back into it.

That exact moment when you know you're f*cked

Jedi: "Pfft, it's just one Sith Lord against twenty of us? Easy!"

Jedi: "Okay, we might be slightly fucked here."

Found the gif on reddit. It's from one of the teaser videos that came out for the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. The attack on the Jedi Temple was part of the larger Sacking of Coruscant. The video is pretty epic and worth watching.


Remember when Darth Vader killed all of those Younglings?

Unfortunately, couldn't find the entire scene, but this is close enough.

I saw the midnight release of Revenge of the Sith back in 2005 and when the movie got to this scene, it floored the entire audience. I remember a woman behind me whisper to her friend "He's not going to kill them, is he?". When Vader turned his lightsaber on and the door closed behind him, ending the scene, you could hear audible gasps from almost the entire audience. It was a small, but important scene because it showed the continuing fall of Anakin Skywalker and the rise of Darth Vader. Killing Mace Windu and the other Jedi was one thing, but killing children? That was a whole new depth of evil.

Well, Palpatine did order him to kill all of the Jedi at the Temple...
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