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Video: The original intro to Star Trek's 2nd pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Just go ahead and disregard that post about the movie theater

Treklit is my crack

My local movie theater has failed me so badly

Finished: Star Trek Vanguard: Summon the Thunder [SPOILERS]

Some thoughts on that star galleon post

Inspiration: Wreck of the old star galleon

The trailer for Star Trek: Beyond is...well, it's's something

Oh, pretty ship

My thoughts on the new Star Trek series

An interesting mashup of Star Trek: Enterprise's intro with Quantum Leap's audio

I feel like reading a Star Wars novel

Jennifer Lien (Kes from Star Trek: Voyager) arrested for allegedly exposing herself to minors

So guess who scored all twelve James Blish Trek AND The New Voyages paperbacks?

Star Trek: Vanguard: Summon the Thunder so far (spoilers)

John Scalzi signs $3.4 million deal with Tor for thirteen books over the next decade

Childhood's End and (finally) The Expanse get airdates

The Ares from Kim Stanley Robinson's Red Mars

Yeoman Leslie Thompson holds a rather unfortunate place in Trek history

My Star Wars novel collection

Well so much for that rumor about a new Star Trek series in the works

You know what would be freaking awesome? A picture of either Obi-Wan Kenobi or Luke Skywalker fighting a dragon!

He would be the most unluckiest redshirt ever.

FUCK EVERYTHING - Leonard Nimoy just died

Leonard Nimoy hospitalized with severe chest pains

Man, Syfy is really going full bore on the science fiction

The Vaadwaur from Star Trek: Voyager look like Cardassians

The Expanse looks nice.

Goddamn, I haven't posted in a long time