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A whole lotta scifi coming to TV soon

Never mind the Trek blog

On a list of reasons to join Starfleet, I didn't think a swimming pool would even rate

So apparently the NX-Enterprise was powered by Mac OS X

The Loknar-class is a sweet starship

So I bought 18 Star Wars books Saturday

That exact moment when you know you're f*cked

While a ruthless tyrant, I do agree with Palpatine's position on tax reform

Remember when Darth Vader killed all of those Younglings?

Just FYI, I created a Trek blog

Shadowrun commercial - "A Night's Work"

Clearly, John Scalzi's milkshake is bringing all the TV networks to the yard

Thus far, season 8 of Doctor Who has a lot in common with a vacuum cleaner

I forgot to watch Saturday's episode of Doctor Who

Last Saturday's episode of Doctor Who was okay, I guess (spoilers)

Ever hear of a wargame called StarForce: Alpha Centuri?

RIP Robin Williams

Syfy turning John Scalzi's Old Man's War into a series!

Just gonna leave this here

I really like this Rogue Trader picture

Posts worth reading: Tower of Zenopus's The Good Old Star Fleet Universe

Luke's new *ahem* "lightsaber"

Finished: Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger (spoilers)

The Decker-class was one ugly FASA ship

I am dead and this Hijinks Ensue Star Trek comic is my killer

Space Station by Long-Pham

Kate Mulgrew NOT, in fact, a believer in geocentrism

Lasgun out of a Nerf Longstrike = awesome

How did Starfleet not know that warp drive was damaging space?

Epsilon IX station

I always did like Kirk's uniform in Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Galactica 1980 was such a great show

You know you're a Whovian when...

Doctor Who: The Oncoming (link)Storm

Things I like about the Trek Reboot

Doctor Who: First photo of Peter Capaldi in his Twelfth Doctor outfit

Frank Bellamy artwork for Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks