Just FYI, I created a Trek blog

And it has the greatest, most fantastical name of all time that will absolutely blow your minds. Ready? The Trek Blog. Holy shit, I know right?

But joking aside, I'm not abandoning this blog at all. I just created that other blog because I really like Star Trek and I plan to do an absolute shitload of posts without flooding this one and turning Rayguns into a de facto Trek Blog.

I plan on expanding and posting about a lot more scifi shows on here than I have before. I've been fairly myopic about what scifi I post and I want to change that. Expect posts about Babylon 5, the Stargates (all of them), Star Wars, military science fiction, Battlestar Galactica, and more.

Here, have a cat picture.



Shadowrun commercial - "A Night's Work"

Or "wow, you mean this isn't the set up for a porn?"

I like how the dude's only task is to yank panels off for the hacker and the blonde's job is to stare people to death.


Clearly, John Scalzi's milkshake is bringing all the TV networks to the yard

Legendary TV is planning on turning Scalzi's new novel, Lock In, into a series. The book came out like two weeks ago, goddamn son. So far, this makes the third book/series of his that's getting the adaption treatment. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Thus far, season 8 of Doctor Who has a lot in common with a vacuum cleaner

I honestly cannot even tell you what the last four episodes have been about. I'll switch over to DW on Saturday nights and unlike previous seasons, I just blank it out. They're bland, boring, and make no sense at all, even by the standards of Doctor Who. It's pretty obvious that Moffat has absolutely no idea how to handle the Twelfth Doctor and is just floundering. I'm going it give another try, but if the next episode is more of the same, I may just skip this season.
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