Now this would be a Star Trek movie I'd love to see

Credit: Where's Randy Savage.
Oh yeaaah!

For those who have never watched professional wrestling, that is the (unfortunately) late, great "Macho Man" Randy Savage, but you might also remember him from the Slim Jim ads back in the 90s. He also had a small role in the first Spider-Man movie as the wrestler Spidey fights prior to him becoming a superhero. Sadly, Savage died two years ago of a heart attack. Which I guess is fortunate for Jim Kirk, because he wouldn't stand a chance against the Madness.

h/t Drop Toehold.


So...how about that Doctor Who last night? I think Steven Moffat is trying to kill us Whovians. (spoilers)

The man makes Joss Whedon look downright tame. :P

I honestly have no idea where to even begin with this episode. The opening scene with Clara and all of the incarnations of the Doctor gave me a raging nerd boner that was compounded by the unexpected appearance of Professor River Song. To use internet speak, this episode gave me a lot of "feels". Then it destroyed those feels like Emperor Palpatine destroyed the Jedi Order - Quickly, brutally, and without remorse. Hit the jump for the rest of the post, but beware of spoilers.
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