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Mecha Monday: Windmill Gundam is truly the best Gundam

NASA planning on capturing an asteroid and turning it into a space station?

Things I want, need, and desire: Doctor Who stamps!

Holy crapicus! Rayguns and Space Suits broke 200 hits today!

Thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Snowmen

RIP Gerry Anderson

Mecha Monday: Voltron

NASA Johnson Style is just pure awesome

Mecha Monday: Giant Gundam statue? Giant Gundam statue.

New Star Trek Into Darkness trailer!

Pacific Rim is one of those "looks so bad, you have to see it" movies

Mecha Monday - Mechagodzilla 2

Who wants to see the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness? No one? Really? Huh, alright then.

A little something different for Mecha Monday: Who wants to watch the original Gundam?

Here's the first episode of On The Table

Mecha Monday: Mazinger Z

Mecha Monday: MS-05A Zaku I Early Type from Mobile Suit Gundam

Awesome new thing: Mecha Monday!

I totally forgot that Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome was still a thing

A new internet show about wargaming, you say? Jolly good!

You know what the best part of election day is?

Things that exist: Family Circus does Warhammer 40k

A great disturbance in the Force - Disney's buying LucasFilms

THERE.ARE.FOUR.LIGHTS! Or why Picard is a better character than Kirk

Holy frak! This is the greatest Star Trek thing ever!

Meanwhile in space...holy frak, it's a planet!

I dig Vulcan starships

Let's all look at this awesome artwork of Jean-Luc Picard

Which scifi universe has the most realistic space battles?

In which I sum up my feelings on Doctor Who "The Angels Take Manhattan" with pictures and gifs

In honor of Star Trek: The Next Generation's 25th anniversary

Welp, there's that.

Games worth playing: Starcraft

Not dead, just busy

And that's how you destroy a ship!

Man, Han Solo is old

Doom Stars, because Death Stars are for wimps

Another book finished

Farewell, Neil Armstrong

SyFy's doing a Blake's 7 remake

"It's called marriage, honey" New Doctor Who trailer!

This ship from Terran Trade Authority looks vaguely familiar

Best reason to donate to Hulks and Horrors' IndieGoGo fundraiser: Space Bears

Just finished The Clone Republic by Stephen L. Kent

RIP Harry Harrison

On the heels of that last post, more Who news!

Depending on your feelings about Matt Smith, this will either be good news or the worst thing ever

Awesome posts for popular TOS episodes

NASA: Landing car-sized robots on other planets because they can

100 posts!

The Doctor is in - Doctor Who season 7 trailer

Boom, new header is up

Time for a new header

And we're back

Another companion gone: RIP Mary Tamm (Romana from Doctor Who)

RIP Sally Ride

Going on shore leave

Silver Surfer