The Vaadwaur from Star Trek: Voyager look like Cardassians

(via Memory Beta)
The Vaadwaur's first and only appearance in VOY episode "Dragon's Teeth", where the crew of  Voyager stumbles across a bunch of them in hibernation while hiding out on their ruined homeworld. Voyager managed to stumble across a new form of faster-than-light travel called Underspace that allows the ship to travel two hundred light years in the span of five minutes. Unfortunately, the alien ship that helps them exist the Underspace are a bit...snippy about unauthorized use of their corridors and when Janeway refuses to let them board the ship and erase all related info from the computers, they attack and Voyager hides out on an irradiated planet with a thoroughly devastated city. Then they find all these Vaadwaur in stasis pods and naturally, they wake them up. To make a long story short, the Vaadwaur play themselves as victims of a war nine hundred years ago, but thanks to Neelix, the truth is uncovered: the Vaadwaur were an aggressive race akin to the Klingons, who used the Underspace corridors to build an empire. Their empire and most of their race were destroyed by their enemies, who then seized control of the Underspace. At the end of the episode, fifty-three Vaadwaur fighters escaped, but they were never used in the series again.

I was farting around Memory Beta, like I usually do, when I saw a picture of a Vaadwaur. It's been well over a decade since I've seen Dragon's Teeth, so I forgot what they look like and then it hit me that they look like Cardassians.

(via Memory Alpha)
I think it's the necks.


Goddamn, I haven't posted in a long time

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