Things I like about the Trek Reboot

  • The casting
  • The uniforms
And that's about it. Having Kirk promoted straight to Captain and given a starship command when he hadn't even graduated yet (and if I remember right, he was facing disciplinary action for cheating) is one of the primary reasons why I don't like the reboot. The design of the Enterprise itself is another reason. One of the biggest reasons, however, is the casting of a white actor to play a Sikh character. I know, I know, Ricardo Montalban wasn't even South Asian, but at least he wasn't white.

But like I said, I like - no, LOVE - the casting. Pine, Quinto, Cho, Saldano, etc. are all perfect castings. The uniforms are snazzy and are a nice update to the classic uniforms of The Original Series.


Doctor Who: First photo of Peter Capaldi in his Twelfth Doctor outfit

(via BBC's Doctor Who Facebook)
Swanky and very Jon Pertwee, as someone on Facebook pointed out. Could use a fez, though. Or maybe a bowtie. A stetson maybe?

Sorry, couldn't help myself. :D


Frank Bellamy artwork for Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks

Originally appeared in a 1972 issue of Radio Times, then reprinted in Doctor Who: Timeview in 1985. Love it, especially the way Bellamy drew the Third Doctor. Nicely detailed.

(via neilalien)

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