Things I like about the Trek Reboot

  • The casting
  • The uniforms
And that's about it. Having Kirk promoted straight to Captain and given a starship command when he hadn't even graduated yet (and if I remember right, he was facing disciplinary action for cheating) is one of the primary reasons why I don't like the reboot. The design of the Enterprise itself is another reason. One of the biggest reasons, however, is the casting of a white actor to play a Sikh character. I know, I know, Ricardo Montalban wasn't even South Asian, but at least he wasn't white.

But like I said, I like - no, LOVE - the casting. Pine, Quinto, Cho, Saldano, etc. are all perfect castings. The uniforms are snazzy and are a nice update to the classic uniforms of The Original Series.


  1. I've met allot of Sikh that were very fair skinned but that aside, he was genetically engineered so I figured they played with things..) I like the new uniforms also, I'm beginning to warm to the alternate universe story line. loved the Klingon look in the last film, Since they seem to be condensing original series episodes I'd like to see them redo where Kirk and Spock are forced to
    go underground to fight the Klingons on Orgainia, then go right into the Tribble caper ...)

    1. Point of interest, a comic book company called IDW has an ongoing Trek series based on the reboot. All the stories are adaptions of the TOS episodes. They're also doing a limit series about Khan and that uses both the Montalban and Cumberbatch versions - the former for flashbacks and the latter for the present. The Trek Collective has been posting previews from each new issue and the impression I get is that Khan might have been surgically altered by one of the movie's villains after he was found.

      What ticks me off about the casting is that it was apparently done to avoid racism. Roberto Orci claimed in an interview that they cast Cumberbatch because Hollywood's habit of casting people of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent as bad guys and didn't want to be racist.

      That "logic" would give Spock an aneurysm.

    2. Given the [massive sarcasm]egalitarian sensibilities[/massive sarcasm] behind the reboot, the excuse that they didn't want to perpetuate stereotypes with a POC as the villain doesn't even sound credible. Even if it wasn't a stupid excuse for erasure.


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