Nerd rage: Syfy cancels Sanctuary

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Real Life Comics by Greg Dean.
Goddammit Syfy. Thoughts and cursing after the jump.

Alive Like Me.

I'm done with Syfy and their perpetual bullshit with canceling good science fiction and replacing them with reality shows. If they didn't want to fund the show for seven seasons, then at least give them a fifth like Eureka and Stargate: Atlantis got. But nooooooooooo, gotta have them cheapo Ghost Hunting Big Foot's Quantum Kitchen steaming pile of reality bullshit, don't you? Speaking of Eureka, after the show finishes its final season, I'm ditching Syfy. I feel sorry for Warehouse 13 fans, that show will probably be next.

Sanctuary wasn't the greatest show ever, but it deserved better.


  1. Wasn't there a time when they were known as the "Sci-Fi" channel?

  2. Indeed, it was the network's original name. They changed it a few years back because, according to one of the network's founders, the old name invoked the image of people living in their mother's basement. No, really.

    Not counting Eureka, Syfy only has Lost Girl, Warehouse 13, and Alphas left. Everything else is reality shows.

  3. Thats shit, the thing about reality TV is people will do almost anything for nothing, so its cheap and popular, I hate reality TV, wish they would just jump straight to the Running man style reality TV, would love to watch Kim Kardashian and Snooky fight to the death, just add skimpy outfits, jelly and cudgels, now that's entertainment. (I only know their names because my wife and daughters watch, promise)


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