[Updated] Is Google Reader and/or Blogger messing up for anyone else?

Because they both seem to be going through some sort of mental breakdown for me. With Reader, things that I've already read - sometimes days ago - are appearing on the front dash as "new" items. Going to the folders or the subscriptions themselves of course show that they've been read already. Another bit of an oddity is that feeds I've unsubscribed from (again, sometimes days or even weeks ago) are reappearing like ghosts! I have no idea if I should contact Google or the Ghostbusters for that one, LOL.

Blogger, meanwhile, is doing something similar on its dashboard, showing "new" posts from earlier today, even if they've been succeeded by newer posts.

I may have to perform an exorcism, folks, LMAO.

Edit: Looks like the Techpriests have been successful. Blogger cleared up at some point after this post and it looks like Google Reader is running normally again.

Which of course means that it will now proceed to mess up epically. WELP.


  1. Same thing for me with Reader...

  2. Mine is also messing up. The only thing I could think of is that I have the Greasemonkey "Google Reader Sanity" script installed, but I disabled it and it's still sending me "ghost posts".

  3. Google tool bar is out with me.....send me a young priest and an old priest...)

  4. same with google reader... WTF, some folder are tags now!!! is the first time reader fail (to me).

  5. I had the "posts I've read not showing up as read" thing a couple of weeks ago, but it seems to have corrected itself now.

  6. It's like my queue went back in time two weeks for (un)read and starred items.

  7. It's like my queue went back in time two weeks for (un)read and starred items.

  8. Found your post while trying to find a fix for Reader. Something is definitely up.

  9. Being looked into.



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