Not dead, just busy

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but I found myself recruited by chaps representing the Rylan Star League to do battle with the Ko-Dan Empire. At least, that's what they claim; I don't remember the Gunstar looking like a windowless white van with "Free Candy" scribbled on the side. But whatever.

But in all seriousness, I took a break because I was feeling burned out from reading science fiction and fantasy. That's all I read and well, it was bound to frizzle my brain. But, I'm getting back into the saddle. Currently reading some Charles Dickens until I'm reading for some scifi. Been playing Starcraft, so that's helped a lot with getting me back into the mood.


  1. On behalf of the Star League, I must apologize for Centauri. He's been instructed to cease using the free candy truck. It has no more basis in Gunstar operation than the sword in the stone test.

    Once again, the Star League apologizes.

  2. Jason, I know what you mean. "Sharpen the saw" as Stephen Covey said and you'll cut better and faster.


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