Another book haul post

Because I've felt completely blocked when it comes to writing posts, even though I've got about four Trek related ones bouncing around in my head.
  • Wing Commander - Fleet Action (William R. Forstchen), End Run (Christopher Stasheff and William R. Forstchen), and False Colors (William R. Forstchen and Andrew Keith*)
  • Battletech - Test of Vengeance (Bryan Nystul) and The Price of Glory (William H. Keith, Jr.)
  • Star Trek - Mindshadow (J.M. Dillard), The Peacekeepers (Gene DeWeese), Requiem (Michael Jan Friedman and Kevin Ryan), Worlds in Collision (Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens)
  • Star Wars - Before the Storm (Michael P. Kube-McDowell)
  • Heris Serrano by Elizabeth Moon
  • And in case I didn't mention them, two Douglas Adams books - The Long, Dark Tea Time of the Soul and The Salmon of Doubt.
I've been buying more non-fiction (history and science books) and classic lit lately than scifi and fantasy.

*Funny this, the cover incorrectly credits William H. Keith, Andrew Keith's brother, but the title page gives credit to the latter. I wonder how they managed to confuse the two?

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