I swear to god, space battles are way more gut-wrenching in books than they are on TV and in the movies

(via Memory Alpha)
I just finished reading through one in Star Trek Vanguard: Harbinger and cripes, it was tough. It's the same with reading a space battle in a Honor Harrington or Lost Fleet book, they're just more intense than what a show or movie normally offers. I think with the latter, there are elements missing, like what the characters involved are thinking, what's happening elsewhere other than a ship's bridge. I'm not saying that space battles in visual media aren't exciting, because they are, but there's just something more visceral, more personal when you're reading about a ship getting pounded and a favorite character of yours gets decapitated or sucked out into the void of space.

I can't recommend Harbinger highly enough. So good. So damn good.

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  1. I think it has to do with (as in reading anything) the emotional commitment one has
    when reading, and lets face it ink and paper/
    electronic type/printing are far cheaper in the production category! That said nothing beats a good book! There are a few great televised space battles that I've really enjoyed, my favorite is from Deep Space Nine, The Way Of The Warrior. I've actually reproduced that one in miniature, as I was so taken with it. But again your points are well taken.


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