Well, I almost nerd raged just now

Saw an article on Tor.com's blog about a spoilerish detail involving the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Matt Smith, and regeneration. What pulled me back from the brink of a nerd rage was that the post cited The Mirror as the source. Supposedly, they had done an interview with Steven Moffat and he made a shocking reveal, but since it came from The Mirror, I'm calling BS because The Mirror is a tabloid like The Daily Mail. As for what Moffat allegedly said, hit the jump - I'd rather play it safe just on the off-chance that they're not bullshitting.

According to the post, Moffat said that he's counting Matt Smith as the Thirteen Doctor, meaning that he considers John Hurt's War Doctor as the Ninth, and Ecceleston, Tennant and Smith all move up a spot. I'm skeptical because that's a major reordering, unless he meant that he considers Smith to unofficially be the Thirteenth.

On the other hand, if he really did just reorder the last three Doctors, then good lord, I wouldn't want to be him when Whovians catch wind of it.


  1. Hang on a second. If John Hurt is the 9th and Matt Smith is now the 13th, then Tennant was the 12th and Ecclestone the 11th. So who was the 10th?

    Besides all that, wasn't there a statement in earlier series (pre-Ecclestone) that Time Lords only get 13 generations? Or was that 13 re-generations? If the former, then Matt Smith would have to be the final Doctor or if the latter then Capaldi would be the last one *if* Hurt is the 9th and we have somehow missed the 10th.

    1. Ecceleston is Tenth, Tennant is Eleventh, and Smith is Thirteenth.

      If the article is legit, then it will "allow" Moffat to bypass the regeneration limit. Personally, I have had a theory that River Song transferred her remaining regens to the Doctor when she revived him in "Let's Kill Hitler". I think the limit should be respected and that the series should be rebooted after the Doctor hits his limit. Imagine recasting!

    2. Okay, I am officially an idiot, because I just realized Tamsin's point. Moffat is counting that scene in The Stolen Earth/Journey's End where Ten regenerated to heal from being shot by a Dalek, even though the Doctor shunted the energy into his severed hand, which created the Meta-Crisis Doctor.


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