RX-79 Ez8 Gundam

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The Gundam Ez8 appeared in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: 8th MS Team, which followed a regular, non-newtype (uber pilots) military unit as it fought against Zeon forces on Earth. The Ez8 was originally a RGM-79, a variant of the RX-79 Gundam used by Amuro Ray, but aimed at being mass producible. However, the Federation opted to go with the less expensive GM mobile suit and diverted their resources away from the RGMs.  This proved to be a problem when Shiro Amada wrecked his Gundam in battle and so engineers were forced to rebuild it using leftover spare parts from the original Gundam. The result was the above.

The Ez8 is one of my favorite Gundams and mobile suits in general. It doesn't look ridiculous like later Gundams (I'm looking at you, SEED) and has a more rugged, realistic appearance. Unfortunately, the Ez8 was destroyed in the final episode of 8th MS Team. A real shame.

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  1. 08th MS Team is my favorite Gundam story. Solid (literally) down to earth goodness. Very likable characters and villains.


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