Websites worth visiting: The Starfleet Museum

Starfleet Museum Logo by Masao Okazaki.
I discovered this gem a number of years ago, back during my internet forum days. Created by Masao Okazaki, the Museum charts the both the history of Earth Starfleet and the early years of the Federation's Starfleet. Going through it, you'll notice that a lot of it doesn't quite segue with established Trek history and that's okay, because it's wholly intentional. Okazaki wanted to do his own history and honestly, I think it's better than what we got with Star Trek: Enterprise.

USS Sagittarius.

One of the things that's pretty cool is the attention both Masao Okazaki and the Museum have gotten: When Dayton Ward and David Mack created the Star Trek: Vanguard book series in 2005, they chose Okazaki's design for a 23rd century starbase as their Vanguard station. He also designed the Archer-class, a neat little scout ship that appears throughout the series. Rick Berman and Brannon Bragga really should have hired him to design the NX-class. Additionally, when CBS was remastering The Original Series, they used the aforementioned starbase design for Starbase 6 in "The Ultimate Computer".

I can't recommend checking out The Starfleet Museum strongly enough, you will not be disappointed.

Above picture via Memory Beta.

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  1. The Romulan War Wing at the Starfleet Museum is a fascinating read.


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