A little Galactica reading

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I mentioned this in another post weeks ago that I found a copy of an Classic Battlestar Galactica novel at a Goodwill and I started reading it today. The book, written by Robert Thurston is an novelization of Saga of a Star World, the pilot for the TV show. I'm not that far into, but its interesting so far. Apollo and his brother, Zac are checking out the moon (Cimtar) of a dead planet and find an old Cyclon tanker vessel floating near it. Well, well, well, I think I know what happens next.

Something that caught my interest about the book is that my copy as a "Special Edition" mark on the cover. I mentioned it in the comments over on Christopher Mills' excellent Space1970 and he thinks it was a book club thing.

I'll admit that I've only watched bits and pieces of the original series and preferred Ronald Moore's series more, but I might have to change my opinion if this book turns out to be as good as it looks to be.

I'm not touching Galactica 1980, though.



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