Mecha Monday: The MAC II truly is a Monster

Inspired by a post over on Spaceman Spiff's Blog Full O' Battlemechs...and more., today's MM is about the behemoth mech of Robotech, the Destroid Monster, aka the MAC II Monster.

Armed with four 406mm cannons and backed up with triple barreled missile launchers for arms, the Monster is a mech that anyone would be wary of messing with. Despite its impressive loadout, the Monster isn't meant to be a front line mech, but rather the kind of unit you would deploy against enemy warships and installations. Because of that, it lacks thick armor (save for the three-crew cockpit and ammo storage areas) and the missile launchers are its only other weapons.

Baby got back.
Another downside is that its barrels are only good for thirty rounds each before having to be replaced, which I can only imagine is consuming in cost, materials, and downtime. Still, it would be a great asset to have if you've got a group of enemy mechs or vehicles heading your way and you need to teach them a lesson.

Pictures via Robotech RPG.

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