Well I guess we know where President Obama's loyalties really lie

Because despite the pleas of the American people, the Obama administration has refused to build a Death Star! I'm sure the Rebel Alliance and their radical Jedi extremist puppet masters are pleased as punch. I just wonder how much money it took to buy President Obama out or if we're looking at something much, much sinister here. Is it possible that Obama is secretly a member of the Rebel Alliance? Possibly a Jedi himself? There is, of course, that picture of him wielding a lightsaber, after all.

Credit: GeekDad.
He looks far too comfortable holding a weapon commonly used by a terrorists of a extremist group, doesn't he? Almost like he's been trained in its use. It really makes you wonder where he was really born. No, I'm not talking about Kenya, like those misguided idiots think, but Ossus, the home planet of the Jedi.

My friends, fellow Americans, we must face the very real possibility that our president is a plant, a mole, a sleeper agent, for the Rebel Alliance and the Jedi extremists and I only pray that people will open their eyes to the truth before its too late!

This is why I voted Palpatine/Dooku, at least with the Sith, you know where they stand.

(Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go die of laughter, LMAO)

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  1. Yes. Behind you, holding the knife.


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