Dang, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

To quote a certain Dark Lord of the Sith: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! He's departing in the Christmas Special, which brings to mind another quote by a Starfleet admiral:

Welp, I wonder who will be replacing him as the Twelfth Doctor? My choices are Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Patrick Stewart, Emma Waton (Hermoine with a sonic screwdriver!), Richard Ayoade. Really, the only qualification to play the Doctor should be British citizenship. The Doctor should never be played by an American! Ethnicity, skin color, religion, etc. are irrelevant.

What do you think about Matt Smith leaving and who do you think should replace him?


  1. Wow! That's a shocker. Or maybe not such a shocker, given the recent storyline.

    Who could replace him. I think Adrian Lester could be good in the role (and the first black Doctor).

    1. Definitely a shocker because I'd heard last month that he had agreed to hang around into 2014. Then again, he's starting to do American movies like David Tennant, so that might be it.

      Idris Elba seems to be the popular choice on Tumblr. Mostly with the ladies, lol. Good choice, nonetheless.

  2. Took me a bit of time to adjust to Matt Smith, since I thoguht David Tennent was perfect as the Doctor, but I really grew to like Matt Smith's Doctor. Next Doctor is John Hurt (that's what I saw anyway).. at least, for 2 episodes, after that not sure.

  3. Tilda Swinton.

    She can play an alien. I think she might actually BE an alien.

  4. Also, Alexander Siddig would be good too. Not sure if he has British citizenship (Probably?) but he has lived there most of his life.


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