Why the Eleventh Doctor regenerates revealed!

Yes folks, I have discovered how it is that Matt Smith's incarnation comes to regenerate into the Twelfth Doctor! Check it out below:

Haw haw. But seriously, none of us Whovians would be at all surprised if he regenerated because of some mishap involving bowties, fezzes, or fish fingers and custard, or a combination thereof. The two pictures are from a comic by the blog Paint Doktah Who that came across my dash on Tumblr and are preceded by two panels showing the Ninth and Tenth Doctors regenerating, to sort of set the mood. They both died saving humanity (and in the same of Nine, Rose, and Wilford for Ten) and Eleven dies because of bowties. Sounds about right.

I just hope Steven Moffatt doesn't see that comic, Time Lord knows he doesn't need to be getting any funny ideas...

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