Time for a new header

And I'm not really sure what to replace the current one with. I found an image tonight that would be nice:

It's the cover art for the September 1949 issue of Super Science Stories. Here's the cover:

Lines on Paper.
The only thing that nags me is this thought that the first picture is a reproduction of the second created by the person who posted it on their LiveJournal. I might just go ahead and disregard that picture and look elsewhere for a new header. If I had even minor skill with image manipulation, I'd create a nice one, but eh, I'll just stick with what works: Taking a cool picture and adding the blog's name to it in GIMP. In the words of the immortal Rick Hunter: "Works for me."

Anybody have any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. The problem with selecting a banner image, is most of the cool sci-fi art is like the image you have- designed for a book or magazine, so is more vertical than horizontal, and a banner top is more horizontal. But I like this one..


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