Who wants to see ten minutes of Space Battleship Yamato 2199?

Of course you do! I've been meaning to post this since last week, but it kept slipping my mind. Yamato 2199 is a remake of sorts of the anime series Space Battleship Yamato  that originally aired during the 70s. It keeps the exact same plot as the original, but with spiffy new animation. Yamato aired in the U.S. as Star Blazers back in the 80s and was hugely popular. The guy who uploaded this has two versions up, they're both the same but the version below comes with English and Portuguese subtitles. I prefer this one, since I can follow what's actually going on.

I like it. I was a baby when Star Blazers ran on TV, so I never got to watch it. When I get the money, I'm buying both the original and 2199 when the latter comes out on DVD.

(h/t Greyhawk Grognard)

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