Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights

So when I first discovered wargaming blogs, the one game I kept seeing over and over again was Starfleet Wars.

Starfleet Wars is a lovely military science fiction game first released in 1978 where you fight battles and wage campaigns using miniature warships. Desert Scribe's most excellent Super Galactic Dreadnought blog was the first I discovered and reading an after-action report of a battle between several a Terran super galactic dreadnought and some fighters and a lot of Avarian ships (A lot of Avarian ships), I was amazed - this sounded like a fun game! So now I follow his and several other blogs that partake in Starfleet Wars.

The game features several alien species to choose from, aside from the aforementioned Terrans and Avarians (bird aliens, basically), these include:
  • Carnivorians - The standard feline aliens.
  • Aquarians - An aquatic species.
  • Entomolian - Insectoids.
Pretty standard aliens, no doubt influenced by the science fiction of the period, such as Heinlein's Starship Troopers and Larry Niven's Known Space series.

Starfleet Wars ultimately changed hands to a company called Monday Knight Productions and renamed Galactic Knights, in order to avoid confusion with Star Trek. Personally, I prefer its original name, Galactic Knights sounds like an anime with mecha.

Aside from SGD, here's some other blogs that post about Starfleet Wars/Galactic Knights: My Ever Growing Fleets, The Painted Thumb, Blunders on the Danube, and Starfleet Wars. If you have a similar blog, then feel free to link to it in the comment section.

Pictures via Zappa and BoardGameGeek.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Jason. I'm enjoying your blog as well.

    1. When I went looking for Starfleet Wars pics, all of them were from your blog and Blunders on the Danube. It was a running battle between who had more, but I think you won, lol.


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