In which this blog wins an award

Apparently so! CaptainSciFi of the eponymous blog has award me (and five others, but let's not quibble over mere facts) the Kreativ Blogger Award. Granted, I don't know why, but again, let's not quibble over facts and just run with it. Unfortunately, whoever created the Kreativ Blogger Award forgot to make a trophy to go along with it, so I'll just make one and mount up on the ole wall here.

*Takes out a marker and a scrap of paper, and scrawls Kreative Blogger Award Winner across it. Then takes a staple gun, presses paper against wall and staples it to the wall* Ah, excellent! Now, could someone please bring me a staple remover and if it's not too much of a bother, some gauze? I seem to have stapled myself to the wall here.

But in all seriousness, thanks to CaptainSciFi for the honor.

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