Christ, David Weber writes brutal space battles

Reading The Honor of the Queen yesterday and got to one of the space battles and while not an overly long affair, it was pretty intense and brutal.

And I'm just under the halfway mark. I may have to turn to hard drink to cope, if there are any other battles in the book, and there probably are.


  1. I had a very difficult time getting into the Honor books. They were just so dry. Fortunately I fulfilled what I was looking for in them with the Vorkosigan saga. There aren't as many space battles, but the emotion and characters by far make up for that- for me.

  2. Not brutal, but unrealistic. Wishful thinking that when you go in combat your side suffer minor losses or not at all and painting superior technology as an guarantee of victory. Also his main characterers are flat as a wall, no deep characterisation.


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