For the Rogue Space fans

I think you might like these pictures I found.

Space Tea.

Survival of the Grafted Rat.

Don't Be Ungrateful.
When I saw these, Rogue Space was the first thing to come to mind because of its various logos. What is Rogue Space though? Well, it's an RPG. But not just any old RPG, but a scifi based, homebrewed one created by Christopher Brandon (of Sword & Shield). What's pretty neat is that the game can be easily modified to allow for use of vehicles, mechs, or even an entire new game. In the case of the latter, Mik of Mik's Minis is using the game as a basis for a Mass Effect RPG which just sounds cool as hell. Another neat thing is that his wife does all the artwork for the books and let me just say, she's good. She's damn good.

It's definitely something worth checking out and is available in both ebook and hardcover format for the low, low price of seven smackers. Not a bad deal, if you ask me. I'm planning on buying a copy at some point.

h/t to The Fox Is Black.


  1. Heh, these scream Rogue Space indeed! Thanks for the mention too, we've been having a lot of fun with the rules though I must have the only six players at the table who have never played any Mass Effect in their lives.

  2. Inconceivable! Lock them in a room with plenty of Doritos and sodas, and make them play the games.


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