Things worth checking out

A list of interesting blog posts:
  • EXONAUTS! has a helpful post for anyone looking to create their own starships, be it for gaming, fiction, or real world use.
  • A Fantasy Reader reports that ebooks made more money during the first quarter of this year than hardcovers, but both were thoroughly trounced by paperback.
  • Meanwhile, GAMMA WORLD WAR! has a most interesting post about how, during World War II, the Swiss basically booby-trapped the living hell out of their country as a precaution against possible German invasion. You'd think the fact that every household in a nation of several million people being legally required to own a firearm would be enough of a deterrent, but I guess you can never be too careful.
  • And here's a list of five of the strangest exoplanets ever, via popcorndoorknob.

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