Depending on your feelings about Matt Smith, this will either be good news or the worst thing ever

But it looks like the Eleventh Doctor will be staying for quite a bit longer, through 2014 at least. As for the title, it's a poke at those Whovians who have never warmed up to Matt Smith taking over the role as the Doctor. Some just don't like his portrayal, others still hold a preference for Smith's predecessor, David Tennant. Then again, there were and probably still are people who didn't like Tennant when he took over from Christopher Eccleston. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if there are still Whovians miffed over Patrick Troughton replacing William Hartnell.

I like Matt Smith and the Eleventh Doctor. I like the other ten incarnations as well. Those Whovians who still gripe over him just need to accept that Smith is the Doctor until he or Moffat decides that it's time for a Twelfth Incarnation. Speaking of the Twelfth Doctor, I'm hoping they cast a woman, as such Helen Mirren.

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  1. I rather preferred David Tennant but, the
    point of the "Doctor" is he changes over
    time and to me that only adds to the


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