I dig Vulcan starships

Because they're just so cool looking! Check out the D'Kyr type, a combat cruiser, for example.

Memory Alpha.
Lovely ship. One of my favorite things about Star Trek: Enterprise were the Vulcan's navy. Their cruisers were decidedly unique and original. The most unique feature, of course, is the ring. Believe it or not, that is their warp engine, because screw nacelles! It's more than a shame that this feature was never adapted by Starfleet after the Federation's formation. There's another configuration, as seen in the Suurok-class, a combat cruiser and science vessel combo.

Vulcans liked their ships so much, they put a ring on every one.
Memory Alpha.
I like how it looks like the ring isn't physically attached to the rest of the ship. Plus, the blue lights run along the rim of the ring, rather than the inside. In the case of the former, the ring of the D'Kyr could fold down out of the way.

Vulcan cruisers were amongst the most powerful of starships in Enterprise, it took four Tholian ships to smash a D'Kyr in Future Tense, but it survived the attack and presumably was repair and returned to service later on. You rarely saw these ships together, which leads me to think that maybe Vulcan's fleet was small, although they did assemble like the Avengers to attack the Andorian homeworld in one episode. They only sent four of their D'Kyr cruisers to attack that planet, along with some support craft, not much when you're trying to knock out an enemy power.

Pew, pew, pew.
Memory Alpha.
I wouldn't mind seeing these bad boys in a wargame, they'd be a blast to paint and would probably just look sweet as hell. The D'Kyr is in the MMO Star Trek Online, because that game is full of anachronism.


  1. My favorite ships from that series too. Very cool style, would love to have some minis of them. I liked a lot of the ships in that series- more 'back to basics' type ships than later time line star trek. The andorian ships were probably my 2nd favorite in the series.

    1. I just enjoyed the fact that the Andorians and Tellarites actually showed up on the show. Blows my mind that out of the five founding members, only two were ever shown on a regular basis.


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