Hey look, Star Trek comics

Both from the webcomic AmazingSuperPowers.

Star Trek.
Replicators are one of four reasons why there will never be a zombie apocalypse in Star Trek (excluding the Borg, of course); they can just replicate the delicious human brains that zombies crave. The other three reasons are:

Transporters. Kind of hard to noms on people if they beam your undead ass into space.
Phasers and other directed-energy weapons. Screw headshots, vaporize the suckers!
Doctors McCoy, Crusher, Bashir, EMH, and Phlox. Each of them are likely to find a cure to whatever is creating the zombies before the episode even ends!

Klingons and Hirogen get honorable mentions, because those guys would just have a field day.

Star Trek: The Wrath of Comic.
This is why I said in this post that I would rather have Kirk as captain during a battle than Picard. Picard is great at diplomacy and whatnot, but Kirk is a fighter and just handles combat situations better.

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