You think your world is safe - Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl commercial

"I am better."
"At what?"

I think there's some clues to the identity of Cumberbatch's character (I still think John Harrison is a red herring) in the video. First, he says "You think your world is safe". Notice how he says your and not our. Then a few seconds later in the video, Kirk asks who he was. The first implies that "Harrison" isn't from Earth and the second that he isn't in Starfleet. There was an assumption that he was because he was wearing a shirt with the Starfleet insignia on it. The thing is, however, that Starfleet didn't adopt the arrowhead as their insignia until after the Enterprise's much famed five year mission ended. At least, in the original timeline that's how it went. It's possible that what "Harrison" is wearing is just spare clothes they gave him to wear after they took him aboard/captured him.

So possibly not a native to Earth or in Starfleet, hmm. Yeah, I still have no clue who the character really is. I'm leaning towards maybe a Klingon. We know that they make an appearance in the movie, so maybe "Harrison" is a ridgeless Klingon made to look more human and sent into the Federation as a spy? Could he be a Romulan?

Post your ideas in the comments!

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