Trek thought: I wonder how much paperwork the captains had?

Damn these TPS reports! Damn them to hell!
Credit: Memory Alpha.
I mean, being the captain of a starship or of a backwater space station can't be all boldly going and in the case of Kirk, getting laid all of the time.

Speaking of Kirk, I just cannot imagine him filling out forms and whatnot. Picard seems like he would be the most okay with the administrative side of command, mostly because he can just grab a nice cup of Earl Grey, turn up the Van Halen and work in his ready room. Sisko, I imagine, had a pretty heavy workload. He had to manage a mixed crew of Starfleet and Bajoran military personnel, in addition to the civilian population and a warship. Janeway likely had it the roughest, since she probably had to deal with the upkeep of Voyager and its crew without the benefit of starbases. As for Archer, no clue.

Heh, maybe that's the real reason why Riker waited so long before accepting promotion?

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  1. TOS Kirk was a bit of a nerd by today's standards. Yes, he teaches a lot of (non-green) alien women the meaning of Earth love, but he is also a conscientious commander, educated and observant of the laws and regulations of Starfleet and The Federation...until they no longer apply. I'm sure he enjoyed the times when he didn't have to file regular reports, but I think he rather kept up on it.

    I also think Picard would take well to the administration side of command, but his Federation/Starfleet seems to be a bit more bureaucratic than Kirk's so I can imagine a lot of sighs when he's filling out triplicate forms about how this month's replicator power fluctuations affect ship's morale. Also, when he needs to create a report on why the Enterprise children have test scores below the Federation average.


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