Boom, new header is up

And it looks pretty good and I didn't have to alter it in any way. It's the Orion, an Ancient warship (designated Aurora-class by the Atlantis Expedition) from Stargate: Atlantis. The picture depicts the Orion about to enter hyperspace. Sadly, the Orion was destroyed while trying to stop two Wraith (primary antagonist race of the series. Basically, space vampires) Hiveships from reaching Earth. The Orion managed to destroy one of the ships with a massive barrage of Drones (uber-advanced missile thingies that can plow through a ship over and over and over again), but was destroyed in turn by the other Hiveship because the Orion's crew had to sacrifice its shields to power the weapons. The Orion wasn't exactly a brand new ship and the Ancient's technology would make the Federation from Star Trek look downright primitive.

Here's the runner up that I almost chose:

I might use this at Giant-Size Nerd-Thing!, it's just too sexy not to use.

Hat tip to Laughing Ferret for his suggestion which I almost went with right off the bat. I plan on switching headers again later this year and it'll be in the finals for sure.

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