"Turn her into the wave!"

I survived stormageddon 2012 (that, or fucking Praxis exploded again!) and a heatwave and all I got was this stupid t-shirt. That was certainly an interesting experience. Not one I'd ever want to repeat, however. For the non-Americans, several states got hit by a sudden windstorm and thunderstorms that caught us completely off guard. About two million people from the mid-Atlantic region to the Midwest lost power and unfortunately, at least 17 lost their lives. We were already in the midst of a heatwave when it happened and most of us had to suffer through the weekend without air conditioning or any form of cooling for that matter. It was rough, especially for the old couple that lives next door. The lady had to come over Saturday afternoon and ask for help because her husband - already in declining health and not being helped by the heat - fell and she needed help getting him up. I was half-asleep at the time, but as soon as I heard, I was out the door and hauling ass over there before my dad had even gotten his shoes on.

When it hit my area, the wind blew all the wind chimes off our porch (and really, just blew everything around), tore down tree limbs (knocking out the power) and even uprooted trees. Apparently the wind was blocked at 90 miles per hour in some areas. According to Wikipedia, this type of windstorm is called a derecho. Power wasn't restored until about six this morning.

Thank the Machine God for electricity.

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